Creativity unlimited

Magic on request.
An adrenaline rush that sharpens your senses.
An in-your-face experience.
Unlimited impulses at top level.
A night with heart and soul.

O’Contraire is an ambitious creative company that provides customized unlimited creativity for high-end experiences in all kinds of forms. We are the show director of a show for a prestigious launch event. But at the same time also the creative input you need at the brainstorming table of a campaign. Everything is possible.

Thanks to the unique approach of show director Katleen Rens O’Contraire redefines what entertainment should be. No artists showing tricks on demand but natural born entertainers dropping the masks and throwing all the rules overboard. World-class performers taking you by the hand to that special place where the magic happens.

As a show director Katleen supervises all the elements and she creates authentic intense experiences with emotion. The range varies from exuberant to delicate. This approach guarantees that emotions are created on the spot, in-between the guests, right under your nose. We do not make a show, we arethe show.

By working together with talented agencies and creatives O’Contraire combines the best of various worlds. All together a smart combination of experience, talent and guts that ensures the super quality that every customer deserves.

O’Contraire is an ambitious collection of talent headed by Katleen Rens. A creative team that cannot easily be caught in traditional boxes.

Creativity unlimited voor high end experiences

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